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The HVAC industry is always changing. Continuous learning is no longer optional. Are your skills current

Johnson Controls provides the means to enhance performance and stay competitive through the Ducted Systems Academy.

In the Academy, you’ll learn to: 

  • Partner with customers, understanding their needs to position products and services to win their business
  • Properly select and apply Ducted Systems products
  • Efficiently install, set up, and service Ducted Systems products from 1.5 to 150 tons of capacity
  • Manage yourself, your schedule, and your team
  • Command live presentations and training sessions
  • Work through difficult situations

We are committed to equipping our customers with learning founded on the needs of our industry and based on sound, modern instructional practices. Old practices including those comprised of “sit and get” instruction and “hold your questions until the end” are dated and ineffective. The Ducted Systems Academy team understands the unique learning needs of the adult professional, resulting in learning opportunities that are engaging, relevant, and meaningful.

We are proud to lead the industry with our new Ducted Systems Academy Center of Excellence in Oklahoma City, OK, located a few minutes north of our Rooftop Center of Excellence manufacturing facility in Norman, OK. This facility features two large classrooms and two extensive hands-on training labs featuring every residential and commercial product platform manufactured in our Wichita and Norman facilities to advance the knowledge of our customers as never before.

The Ducted Systems Academy team is highly motivated to provide purposeful and relevant learning experiences and support towards your success with Ducted Systems products and processes.

We urge you to proactively upgrade your performance, take control of your career, and promote the success of your company. Live and virtual instructor-led courses are available regularly, and the Ducted Systems Academy is available online 24/7/365 to assist your learning and advancement.

As always, please reach out with any comments or questions. We appreciate your partnership and are honored to be a part of your continuing professional education.

 – The Ducted Systems Academy Team